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Why Amazon Could Ship "Up To" Five Million Of Its iPad 2 Rival Tablets By Year's End

News that one major analyst firm, Forrester Research, is predicting that Amazon could ship up to five million tablets in just over three months doesn't come as a major surprise to us.

Amazon's tablet strategy will differ markedly from the rest of its rivals, being closer to Apple's. The world's largest online retailer has a significant market presence and will leverage it to become the biggest rival to Apple and its iPad 2 tablet.

That's perhaps Amazon's biggest strength and one which it has used astutely to transform the Kindle into the best selling product Amazon has ever stocked or sold. Make no mistake, Amazon's website - the most popular retail shop in the world - is a giant marketing machine that analyses each visitor coming through its virtual doors in a bid to sell, sell, sell.

A search for the terms "Sony Ebook Reader" brought up the Kindle in second place, sandwiched between two Sony Reader Pocket Edition readers.

In addition, Amazon will sell the tablet, like the Kindle, mostly directly, something which allows it to keep its costs low by cutting out the middleman and is a step that Dell and Apple have successfully adopted.

Amazon is also set to create its own ecosystem that will present its users with a unique environment and its tablet, with a unique selling point.

That ecosystem will include the likes of the Amazon App Store, its Audible store, Amazon Music, its Web Services and much more.