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Wikileaks Releases Documents about the Counterfeiting of Apple Products in China and Other Asian Regions

Measures being taken by the Cupertino-based iPhone maker Apple Inc. to counter the booming counterfeit industry in China and other Asian nations are not adequate and are also somewhat slow, according to a shocking revelation by the whistle-blower website, Wikileaks.

Cables from the Beijing embassy intercepted and released by Wikileaks shed light on how the tech heavyweight reportedly set up a specialised team in March 2008 to put an end to the sale of the fake iPods and iPhones.

“As amazing as it seems, computer maker Apple Inc. had no global security team - including inside China - until March 2008, when they hired away the team from Pfizer that formed and led a multi-year crackdown on counterfeit Viagra production in Asia,” stated in cables retrieved by Wikileaks, according to a CNN report (opens in new tab).

Three years have past since Apple started putting pressure on the PRC government while starting an operation to stop the ever-expanding counterfeit industry. But progress has been disappointingly slow which has cost the company money in time and lost revenue.

However, when approached for comment, an Apple spokesperson refused to disclose anything regarding the matter.