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Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Enables Quick File Operations

Microsoft revealed that the Windows 8 explorer or in other words the file manager shall be ‘ribbonized’.

Microsoft published the information in a Microsoft official blog post in the midst of almost confirmed report of the company coming up with more disclosure about the Windows 7 successor at the forthcoming Build conference, scheduled to be held next month in September.

However, the Windows maker has already made a fair bit of information available on the operating system’s user interface as well as on the structural element, e.g. the compatibility with the USB 3.0 technology, or the return to Windows Explorer, in the Building Windows 8 blog.

With the Windows 8 OS, the Redmond, Washington based software behemoth is also likely to abandon its conventional desktop-interface approach. Instead the new user-interface is likely to be more inclined towards the Windows Phone approach.

The primary motive behind this approach by the company is believed to be its ambitions towards creating a unified platform aimed at a wide variety of form-factors, ranging from tablet devices to traditional laptops and desktops.

“Our new design is much more clear, concise, and efficient, providing a much more visible and actionable approach to conflict resolution,” Microsoft stated in the Building Windows 8 blog.