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Windows Phone Marketplace Now Has 30K Apps

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace app store has achieved the 30,000 apps milestone as the competition in the smartphone market heats up.

According to the latest statistics provided by Windows Phone App List, the app store took 312 days to reach the milestone, taking around the same time as Apple’s iTunes App Store and 7 months faster than Google’s Android Market.

Experts believe that Marketplace is on the same growth rate as its iOS counterpart and has got a better start than Android Market, which reached 30,000 apps in 512 days.

The graphs released by the blog indicate that Marketplace is growing faster than Android Market, but it still has a long way to go before it catches up with it.

Out of the 30,000 apps that are available on Marketplace, 47 percent are free apps, 20 percent apps offer trials and 33 percent are paid apps. The data also showed that the platform added 985 new apps in the last weeks to reach the milestone. Meanwhile, 75 percent apps on the Marketplace are in English.

Microsoft is planning to release a major update i.e. Windows Phone Mango, which gives new functionality to the platform and improves app performance. This update shall definitely bring in new and improved apps and would probably put Microsoft back in the race for Mobile OS dominance again.