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£118.99 LG 23" LED HDMI Display E2360V-PN

LG Electronics presents the stylish, super slim and straight edged 23" LED Display; the LG E2360V-PN with brilliant picture quality, eco-friendly technology and many more such features.

With the excellent contrast ratio of 1000:1 and low response time of 5ms, the E2360V-PN bring to you high definition resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The only drawback it seems is that this is a monitor and not a television.

The monitor is of type widescreen and is LCD in nature with LED backlight and the viewing screen is of size 23 inch. The transparent neck presents an excellent subtle look. The monitor is quite suitable for all your day to day computing needs. With the 23-inch display, the monitor doesn’t hold back any of its performance for high graphics games or while you are watching movies.

In terms of connectivity, the LCD monitor doesn’t lag behind any other displays in this range and comes with a HDMI port, DVI port and VGA input. The wide range of inputs ensures that you can connect to gaming consoles, desktops as well other electronic gadgets.

LG backs this amazing display and there is no need to foretell the quality of the monitor and with 3 years of manufacturer warranty you can enjoy this amazing monitor without any worry.

Buy the LG 23" LED HDMI Display E2360V-PN from eBay for £118.99.