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"Up To" 2TB USB Drive Revealed In Taiwan

Memory specialist Transcend has teamed up with the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), a Taiwanese government-sponsored entity whose aim is to foster innovation in companies based in Taiwan, to deliver a 16GB USB drive - called Thincard - that has been described as being as thin as a penny.

The interesting bit though is that the technology that was used to produce the storage component appears to be very different from the current flash memory (which is basically based on etching transistors in 2D on a silicon wafer).

Whether it's holographic, 3D or some other exotic storage solution has yet to be revealed. However the tantalising prospect of having up to 2TB on a device slightly longer than a person's thumb opens up a number of interesting questions.

Netbooknews, which was the first publication to check the storage device at Display Taiwan, mentions the cost factor and the fact that it is a USB 3.0 device, the fastest mainstream interface currently on the market; but we'd also be interested to find out when it will be available, what technology it runs on and whether it can be used as a primary drive to replace SSDs for example.