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Apple Removes Financial TImes App from iTunes Store

Cupertino-based tech juggernaut Apple has officially removed the Financial Times app from its iTunes store, new reports confirmed.

The iPhone maker was forced to take make this move after the newspaper refused to hand over 30 percent of the subscription revenue it earns through the iOS app.

However, for those hardcore fans with a suitable iTunes account can still subscribe to the Financial Times application through the Slovakian wing of the iTunes store. But experts who are keeping a close eye on this story fear the app will likely be withdrawn from the Slovakian iTunes store in the future.

Fortunately, the Financial Times is not too concerned about what’s going on as the stand-off between the two companies has been going on for a while now.

As a result, the newspaper developed a new app this past June, thus compelling Apple to be a little more flexible with its app rules. However, it seems, that whatever changes Apple made, in the end, failed to amuse the Financial Times.

When asked to comment, an Financial Times spokesperson claimed that the newspaper is currently encouraging users to migrate in to its own Web-based app.