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Apple Wants Macbook 3G Prototype Back Home

Apple has approached a North Carolina man in order to get back a prototype 2007 Macbook Pro 3G.

As we had reported earlier, Carl Frega had listed the device, which he had purchased from someone on Craiglist for sale on eBay.

The listing, after reaching a bidding amount of $70,000, was removed at the behest of Apple which claimed copyright infringement, trademark violation and the likes. Now, Frega has gotten a call from Apple saying that it will send someone to pick it up.

It is not sure whether Apple will be paying Frega the amount he paid for purchasing the laptop from Craiglist in the first place.

Frega had purchased the laptop in order to repair and refurbish it for resale, something which he has been doing since his college days. Soon after the purchase, the images appeared on a tech website, AnandTech, well before it was listed on eBay for the resale.

"I'd make extra money by buying broken CRT monitors and other things at (North Carolina) State University and NC government surplus sales and then repair and resell them from my dorm room," Frega told CNET.

The Macbook Pro in question has a SIM card slot at the bottom and also comes with a sliding antenna on its side of the display screen as shown in the picture.