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Google +1 Button Enables Content Sharing Within Circles

Google has introduced new functionality to its +1 button, allowing users to share content directly with their Circles on Google Plus.

The company said in a blog post that now users will be able to share web content with their Circles directly from the +1 button. This will allow people to share stuff with a particular group of friends and not with everyone on their list.

The option will be accessible when users click on the +1 button on any website, Google informed.

When users will share content from a website using the +1 button, a link, an image and a short description of the content will appear on the sharebox. Google calls this +Snippets and said that webmasters will be able to customise +Snippets in order to encourage more sharing on their websites.

“When you share content from the +1 button, you’ll notice that we automatically include a link, an image and a description in the sharebox. We call these "+snippets," and they're a great way to jumpstart conversations with the people you care about,” Google said.

Google also informed that the +1 button was now installed on more than a million websites with other 4 billion daily views to its credit. The global roll-out of the feature ought to happen sometime next week.