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Google +1 Data May Alter Search Engine Results

Search engine giant Google is reportedly considering using +1 data to tweak search rankings, as the button continues to grow popular.

The company has confirmed that it was testing how it will be able to use the data gathered from +1 and its Google Plus social networks to affect website and content rankings in its search results, Wired reports.

The move will allow Google to weed of spam and make it easier for its users to discover great and popular content on the web. However, it could also force webmasters to use the button on their websites and promote it more than Facebook’s Like button; therefore, Google would have to tread carefully with this one.

“Google will study the clicks on +1 buttons as a signal that influences the ranking and appearance of websites in search results. The purpose of any ranking signal is to improve overall search quality. For +1’s and other social ranking signals, as with any new ranking signal, we’ll be starting carefully and learning how those signals are related to quality.” a Google spokesperson said in an email to Wired.

The company also said that it uses more than 200 signal factors to decide search rankings and +1 data will just one of many.