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Having Travel Problems? FixMyTransport Crowdsourcing Might Help

A new website was launched in the UK yesterday that allows commuters to raise their complaints or offer suggestions to the public transport services.

The new website, dubbed FixMyTransport has been designed in way that it will be sending commuters suggestion and complaints directly to transport operators, enabling them to act on the received feedback immediately.

This new offering with the slogan "Euston, we have a problem", has also been backed by the Transport for London.

The site was under beta testing since the past couple of months, and after some extensive testing, it has finally entered its final stage. The response from the public has been quite on the positive side so far, with operators already receiving as much as 70 complaints while the project was still in beta.

The idea of crowdsourcing public transport related issues was first brought up a non-profit organisation named MySociety.

“FixMyTransport was built to help people get common public transport problems resolved. It is targeted specifically at smaller problems such as persistently broken ticket machines, buses that always leave early, or silly rules that appear to do nothing but create inconvenience for travellers”, states FixMyTransport.