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HP Upgrades QuickOffice App for Touchpad

Despite HP’s decision to officially pull the plug on its not-so-successful Touchpad tablet, the company and most of its partners are still developing and marketing new products for the WebOS powered device.

Quickoffice HD software, for example, has been upgraded to allow users of the TouchPad to create, edit and share documents easily.

Recently, the TouchPad, which is currently in its final round of production, was available with a number of software packages that allowed users download paid WebOS apps for free. After positive reaction from users, the company recently unveiled a major upgrade to the Quickoffice app for TouchPad.

Previously, TouchPad users could only access Microsoft Word documents in the 'Read Only' mode. However, users will now be able to create and edit Word, Excel and Power Point documents and presentations. The app supports typical formatting functionalities such as managing font sizes, font colours, etc.

According to industry observers, HP's decision to continue providing support for the WebOS indicates that HP has no plans to abandon the platform anytime soon. This is probably a huge relief for many TouchPad users.