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Late News: Google +1 Enhancements, Anonymous' Ex-member Talks, Oracle HP Lawsuit

CNN announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Zite, a dedicated e-zine built exclusively for the Apple iPad platform. According to CNN’s disclosure about the deal, the acquisition of Zite will help the news outfit with a better reach amongst iPad users.

A former member of Anonymous has given an interview to Cisco Security, giving great insight into the notorious hacktivist group. The hacker, who goes by the name SparkyBlaze claimed that he left the group several weeks ago after he realised that some people in the group were targeting innocent people.

Search engine giant Google is reportedly considering using +1 data to tweak search rankings, as the button continues to grow popular. The company has confirmed that it was testing how it will be able to use the data gathered from +1 and its Google Plus social networks to affect website and content rankings in its search results, Wired reports.

Google has introduced new functionality to its +1 button, allowing users to share content directly with their Circles on Google Plus. The company said in a blog post that now users will be able to share web content with their Circles directly from the +1 button. This will allow people to share stuff with a particular group of friends and not with everyone on their list.

Oracle has filed a new complaint against Hewlett-Packard accusing the company of committing fraud while settling with Oracle on Mark Hurd’s appointment. Hurd was forced to step down as HP’s CEO following allegations of expense account misappropriations and sexual harassment.