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LG Announces LW980T LED TV at IFA 2011 Event

At the recent IFA 2011 event, Korean electronic giant LG has announced its new series of LW980T flagship TV. According to the company, the new product line includes a nice blend of “the latest in 3D technology and SmartTV."

LG also said that the LW980T family line will comprise of two versions - one with a 47-inch screen, and another with moderately larger 55-inch screen. Both versions rely on LG’s Nano LED backlighting to produce a clearer and brighter picture.

In addition, the LED technology also allows for a thinner frame and sleek design with 27.5 mm depth.

The LW980T is also equipped with passive Cinema 3D technology and seven pairs of 3D glasses. The LW980T viewing angle is pretty wide which means you will have a clear view of the picture regardless of where the television is positioned in the room. For those who enjoy watching movies or playing video games, this television provides more than adequate viewing capability.

"The unique NANO FULL LED screen creates brighter, clearer and smoother pictures; and allows the TV design to be slimmer than ever before. This flagship LG TV provides the best in 2D, 3D and SmartTV,” LG bragged as reported by the Inquirer.