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LG Joins Forces with Audio Solution Provider DTS to Create New LG Optimus Smartphone

LG has joined forces with California-based audio solution provider DTS Inc. to develop its brand- new 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus.

The massively anticipated smartphone, which first made its debut in the Korean market, is likely to be sold in more than 60 countries later this year and next.

The LG Optimus will feature DTS’ high-end audio technologies, as well as tri-dual architecture.

"As mobile manufacturers continue to increase and advance the media-focused capabilities of emerging mobile devices, the audio quality can no longer be ignored," said Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer at DTS.

"The consumer now demands that superior audio and visual features are aligned to deliver the best possible experience; as evidence we're seeing companies like LG push the envelope for audio quality in concert with targeted efforts to innovate 'industry firsts' for the device's video components,” he added.

This latest collaboration between the two companies was first acknowledged earlier this year when both LG and DTS agreed to establish a fresh business relationship which could play a mutually beneficial role for both.