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Motorola gets professional

Soon-to-be-a-part-of-Google mobile phone company Motorola Mobility has announced the large screen Qwerty keyboard based Motorola Pro+, aimed at both organising your business and personal life.

The Motorola Pro+ follows on from news of the Motorola Defy+, which is an update to the original tough handset only with a faster processor – although the Pro+ has minor enhancements to the Motorola Pro.

Motorola’s Pro was launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, where the handset has yet to arrive in the UK but Clove has listed the device as shipping mid-to-late September.

The Pro+ has the same 3.1-inch TFT touch screen as the original Pro, with a new scratch resistant corning gorilla glass and a 1GHz processor. The phone also has a Qwerty keyboard and 5 megapixel camera, whilst running from Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 instead of Froyo - which is said to be accompanying the Moto Pro.

Moto Pro+ does have more of a rounded shape and design, which matches their consumer version known as the Motorola Fire. The sizes of the two mobile phones are almost identical, with the Pro measuring in at 119mm in height, 61mm in width and is 11.7mm thin, where the Pro+ comes in at 119.5 x 62 x 11.7 mm.

No prices or arrival dates have been made public by Motorola to the Pro+ as yet, but Clove has listed the first Pro for £420.

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