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Mozilla Criticised for Not Fixing FireFox Bugs in a Timely Fashion

Open source outfit Mozilla has been criticised for failing to deal with some of the bugs found in the Firefox web browser due to its rapid release initiative.

In a blog post, Tyler Downer, a former community lead at Mozilla, claims that community members have discovered and reported over 6,000 bugs. Mozilla has done virtually nothing to address or fix the bugs.

The bugs include those that have submitted, those that are a result of third party software and those that have already been fixed elsewhere.

He revealed that there were 2598 UNCO bugs in Firefox that have not been addressed in the past 150 days or since the release of Firefox 4. There are several hundred bugs that have been identified by Mozilla, but not fixed.

“With the old model of releasing a new major version once a year, triage had a bit more time to go through a massive pile of bugs, to find regressions and issues, and there was a pretty good chance that most bugs would get caught, just because we had time on our side, and we could afford to miss a bug for 6 weeks, because we would most likely get around to it. Or so went the theory. Even this process failed us,” Downer wrote.