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Mozilla Reveals Images of Web Browser User Interface for Tablet Devices

Open source browser Mozilla’s Mobile team has revealed some of the user interface designs in development for the tablet version of the browser.

Seems like Mozilla is taking some time to make the tab specific version of the tablet browser function like the Android 3.0 platform while maintaining the unique, distinct look of the Mozilla browser.

Ian Barlow, Mozilla mobile device user experience designer, demonstrated some mock-up imagery of his team’s work using the new avatar of the browser in a blog post.

“The Mozilla Mobile Team is working tirelessly to make Firefox awesome on tablets, and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the design decisions we’ve made with the UI thus far,” Barlow wrote on the blog.

“Firefox looks right at home on Android 3.0, drawing its overall theme from Honeycomb’s minimalist design language.. we’ve made sure to keep familiar visual elements in place,” he added.

If you happen to be a die hard Firefox fan, and cannot wait to find out how the new product will look, visit Barlow’s Flickr page to learn more about the new UI. This is a must-see for those interested in learning more.