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Noon News: FixMyTransport Crowsourcing, Transcend 2TB USB Drive, HP TouchPad Final Batch

A new website was launched in the UK yesterday that allows commuters to raise their complaints or offer suggestions to the public transport services. The new website, dubbed FixMyTransport has been designed in way that it will be sending commuters suggestion and complaints directly to transport operators, enabling them to act on the received feedback immediately.

Memory specialist Transcend has teamed up with the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), a Taiwanese government-sponsored entity whose aim is to foster innovation in companies based in Taiwan, to deliver a 16GB USB drive - called Thincard - that has been described as being as thin as a penny. The interesting bit though is that the technology that was used to produce the storage component appears to be very different from the current flash memory (which is basically based on etching transistors in 2D on a silicon wafer).

Computer and laptop maker Hewlett-Packard is all set to kick start the final production run of its supposed-to-be-dead TouchPad product line, the company announced. The TouchPad tablet, which was anticipated initially to be HP’s answer to the Apple iPad, failed miserably in countering the pwnage of the iPhone maker in the global tablet market. Following its disappointing performance, HP had officially declared that it was going to pull off the plug from the TouchPad family line once and for all.

Enterprise networking giant Cisco is partnering with NEC to provide mobile phone carriers with high-speed long term evolution or LTE networks. Under the deal, Cisco will be providing its ASR 5000 mobile internet network equipment while NEC will be providing its wireless network equipment eNodeB and mobile backhaul solutions.

Virtualisation equipment maker VMware has partnered with Cisco and other tech giants to come up with a new way to solve the virtual-network configuration problem. During the VMWorld tech conference, the company previews what it calls the Virtual Extensible LAN, or VXLAN.