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Oracle Countersues HP Citing Fraud in Hurd Settlement

Oracle has filed a new complaint against Hewlett-Packard accusing the company of committing fraud while settling with Oracle on Mark Hurd’s appointment.

Hurd was forced to step down as HP’s CEO following allegations of expense account misappropriations and sexual harassment.

Oracle was quick to hire Hurd as its co-president after which HP filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that he was breaching his confidentiality agreement by joining HP’s rival.

Oracle, in its new complaint, also accused HP of libel, alleging that it defamed Oracle by claiming that it bullies its customers. Oracle has asked the court to revoke the previous settlement as HP had hid vital facts in regards to the case.

According to Bloomberg, the enterprise software maker has alleged that HP committed fraud by hiding the fact that it was hiring Leo Apotheker as its CEO while it was negotiating a deal with Oracle over Mark Hurd.

“Rather than focusing on what is right for our joint customers, Oracle is relying on invented excuses to cover up its blatant disregard for its legal obligations,” HP said in an e- mailed statement. “HP is resolved to enforcing Oracle’s commitments to HP and our shared customers and will continue to take actions to protect its customers’ best interests.”