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Pioneer Targets Mid-Range Markets with New Blu-Ray Player

Pioneer has launched the BDP 140 aimed at the wallet friendly mid-range market.

The product, equipped with a wide range of exciting features such as 3D Blu-ray playback as well as home networking, has been priced at £170. According to experts, this will help Pioneer strengthen its foothold in the mid-range market dominated by rivals Sony and LG. Competing with companies that offer more features for music and television is difficult, but not impossible. Pioneer needs to provide enough features to adequately compete in the mid-range marketplace.

Pioneer brags that the product can handle Audio CD's as effectively as it handles Blu Ray discs. The Super Audio CD's, which are preferred by most hi-res music lovers can be controlled by Pioneer’s iControl AV2 app for Apple and Android devices.

“Despite claiming 'advanced networking features', the BDP-140 doesn't offer much in the way of Smart TV with just direct access to YouTube and Picasa to get excited about,” Mark Cravenof of Tech Crunch reports.

“Last year's new models only provided YouTube, though, so at least Pioneer is making progress. Sort of,” he added.