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Samsung Introduces Series 7 Chronos Laptop at Upcoming IFA Trade Show

Korean electronics maker Samsung plans to unveil its Series 7 Chronos laptop at the IFA trade show in Berlin this September.

The laptop, powered by the Intel Core i7 quad core chip and 8GB of RAM, is available with 14-and 15-inch screens. Display techology, powered by the 'MAX screen,' has HD+ 1600x900 high-resolution. With a battery life of 9 hours, the laptop promises to be a great performer.

Chronos is also fitted with an AMD Radeon HD6750M graphics card and the company’s own Soundalive technology.

The device, which has a wake-up time of 2 seconds, includes sensors for both the keyboard and the screen that adjust the light and brightness according to the surroundings.

“Following the success of our stunning Series-9 notebook, we are expanding our premium notebook range. With the Series-7, we have matched powerful new features with Samsung's design and engineering excellence to produce a truly special product,” said Damian Cusick, general manager of Computing for Samsung UK and Ireland.

“Our goal is to create notebooks that constantly inspire and enrich customers' lives. The Series-7 Chronos makes it easier to do more even faster, representing the peak of personal computing," he added.