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Samsung offers cancer care to ex-chip fab workers

Samsung has announced it will pay for cancer treatment for its semiconductor and LCD manufacturing workers diagnosed with the disease after retirement, according to Korean news report.

The company's offer will cover former employees' medical bills for ten years, provided they are diagnosed within three years of finishing work.

The announcement comes after a court ruling in June ordered Samsung to pay compensation to the families of two young employees who died of leukaemia.

While admitting that 26 former employees had contracted cancer, Samsung countered allegations of a link between the disease and their work in its factories by publishing the results of a study that found no evidence chip fab workers were more likely to contract cancer.

The deal announced yesterday will cover medical costs for ten years, and compensation of 100 million won (around £57,500) in the event that a former employee dies during treatment. The arrangement does not admit any liability on Samsung's part.

"The measures were drafted to share the pain with those suffering from cancer following retirement as fellow workers, although the working environment proved not to have relations to the cause of cancer," an annamed Samsung official is quoted as saying by the Korean Herald.

The offer is available to former employees retiring on or after 1st January, 2000 after at least one year's service.