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Smartphone Network ‘SignalGuru’ Helps Save Fuel

A new technology comprising of a network of smartphones, which is still under its experimental stage could soon allow you to save the fuel consumption of your car.

The technology in question, dubbed SignalGuru, as the researchers claim, achieves its goal by using a sophisticated network of smartphones to let the user know exactly when to slow down and when to accelerate while stuck in traffic.

Apparently, the technology involves a network of smartphone located on the vehicle’s dashboard which is used to capture images of traffic signals, and then to send those images to the SmartGuru software which then analyzes the incoming images and predicts a pattern in the traffic signals to guide the user when exactly to lower the speed, or accelerate, or how he/she could avoid a stop signal by making changes in the route.

The system recently underwent a series of tests in Cambridge, Massachusetts, wherein the traffic lights are programmed in a set and pre-defined pattern. Much to the glory of the researchers, the tests amazingly showed that the users participating in test-drives were saving on fuel by almost 20 percent on average.

Thanks to its reliable and advanced methodology to ensure low fuel consumption, the study also bagged a ‘best paper’ award at the latest edition of the Association for Computing Machinery’s MobiSys Conference.