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Sony Develops New 3-D Visor for Hardcore Gamers and Movie Fans

Japan-based PlayStation maker Sony Corp. has developed a brand new wearable 3D visor in its latest attempt to woo hardcore gamers and movie fans.

The device, which is worn on the user’s head, is priced on the expensive side, but for those who want to sit back and enjoy their entertainment without distraction, the 60,000 yen (£500) price tag is reasonable.

The new head-gear device, dubbed HMZ Personal 3D Viewer, is equipped with integrated all-in-one earphones and goggles. HMZ stands for “head mounted display."

According to reports, Sony plans to release the device in the Japanese market on November 11 and then in the European and the US markets sometime during the Christmas season.

Sony brags that users will find the HMZ just as much enjoyable as watching a movie from a cinema’s best seat.

The gadget, which the company claims was not designed for those who enjoy watching movies with their buddies or family members, but rather, it is for those who want to watch a movie or play a video game alone, may be connected to Blu-ray disc players, as well as game consoles to provide users hours of entertainment. This new device should become a popular one.