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Wikileaks Releases US Diplomatic Cable About Oracle-Sun Merger Deal

A US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks claims that the US government pressured the European Union to approve the Oracle-Sun merger deal.

The cable reveals that US officials met with EU representatives on behalf of Oracle to get approval for the $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

According to the October 2009 cable, Oracle representatives met with US officials to ask them to ‘push for rapid European Commission approval of the merger.'

The European Union was concerned about the future of open source database platform MySQL as Oracle has its own commercial platform and is considered a competitor of MySQL.

The cable revealed Oracle had informed US officials that the EU was asking it to divest MySQL to get approval for the deal, a move that could have ‘destroyed’ the deal with Sun. Oracle also told US officials that keeping MySQL would make the acquisition deal economically viable.

“DOJ/Antitrust views this matter as a high priority. Its senior officials and investigative staff are currently engaging productively and intensely with their [EU Directorate General for Competition] counterparts, and are in close touch with Oracle and Sun, in the hopes of preventing a divergent outcome," the cable stated.