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Wikileaks Under Cyber Attack after Releasing Secret US Diplomatic Cables

Controversial whistle-blowing website Wikileaks faced a cyber attack which caused it to go offline for several hours.

The website said in a post on Twitter that it was under attack and asked people to donate money so it may be able to fight back. In a follow-up tweet some time later, Wikileaks said that it was still under attack and redirected users to a mirror.

Wikileaks came back online after a while but many users reported that they were still having difficulties in accessing it. The website said that was due to a DNS cache error and nothing more.

It is still unclear who was behind the attack but it came after the website released a massive batch of secret US diplomatic cables. The data dump caused worry after people discovered that it contained information on United States informants.

"The United States strongly condemns any illegal disclosure of classified information," Victoria Nuland, a US State Department spokeswoman told Sky News.

"In addition to damaging our diplomatic efforts, it puts individuals' security at risk, threatens our national security and undermines our effort to work with countries to solve shared problems,” she added.