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AMNews: Graphene May Address Fast Internet Qualms, FT App Pulled From iTunes App Store, webOS Support Continues

A new technology, being worked upon by a group of UK based researchers involving the use of Graphene for capturing and converting more light at a faster pace, could be something that could come really handy when it comes to beefing up the speed of Internet connections as well as that of other modes of communications too. Members of the research team largely comprises of veterans from the domain of science and communication technology such as last year’s Nobel Prize winning, well known scholars Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim.

Having being deined a 30% cut from the revenue, Apple has decided to pull the plug on the Financial Times app from the iTunes store. The iPhone maker was forced to take make this move after the newspaper refused to hand over the above mentioned subscription revenue as well as customer related data that Financial Times holds through its subscriptions.

HP, as it seems, has been really impressed with the overwhelming response it has received because of the webOS enabled TouchPad's firesale last month. HP is now planning to introduce an over-the-air update for its WebOS platform. Earlier it was promised by the company that it will continue to support WebOS platform despite its decision to pull the plug on the tablet.

It has come to light that the 3G Macbook Prototype is now being brought back home by Apple. Initially the prototype came to light after Carl Frega, a North Carolina resident procured it through CraigList. He then put it on eBay for resale and the bid reached an amount of nearly $70,000 but, the listing was removed at the behest of Apple which claimed copyright infringement, trademark violation and the likes. Now, Frega has gotten a call from Apple saying that it will send someone to pick it up.

US mobile phone carrier AT&T will start selling the HTC Jetstream, the company's 10.1-inch version of the HTC Flyer, form the 4th of September. The tablet, which was formerly known as the HTC Puccini, will be the first 4G LTE/HSPA+ tablet and the first tablet from the Taiwanese company to run Android 3.1 Honeycomb.

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