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Apple Complains that Samsung, Motorola and HTC Abuse Patent Laws

Apple, which can be credited for starting the on-going patent war between various tech giants, has claimed that its rivals are using patents to harm the market.

The company, which is locked in a furious patent infringement battle with Android smartphone markers Motorola, Samsung and HTC, claims that these companies are using their own patents to harm Apple and the market on the whole.

“By making false commitments that led to the establishment of worldwide standards incorporating its own patents and eliminating competing alternative technologies, Motorola [Mobility] has become a gatekeeper, accruing the power to harm or eliminate competition in the relevant markets if it so desires,” said attorney's for Apple during a court hearing with Motorola.

This sounds a bit unnatural coming from a company that has initiated patent wars with most of its rivals and even doctored evidence in some cases to prove that its patents are being infringed upon.

Apple is angry that Motorola has declined to differentiate seven out of the 18 patents it has cited against Apple as F/RAND patents. F/RAND patents are patents that come under the ‘fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory’ category.