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Apple iPhone 5 To Have Metal Chassis Back

The iPhone 5 will have a metal chassis rather than reinforced glass for the back design according to the latest rumours emanating from Taiwan.

Yenting Chen & Joseph Tsai from Digitimes received intel from upstream component suppliers but did not reveal why Apple would choose to opt for a different material.

The decision could potentially be linked to last year's Antennagate which saw Steve Jobs being forced to come on stage to explain why there was actually no issue with the iPhone 4 antenna (and history proved him right since there has been no recall).

A metal - rather than glass - back would be ideal for phone reception (leaving the iPhone 4 and the elusive iPhone 4S as the only Apple handsets with a glass back), as well as for wireless induction charging like on the HP Pre.

The Digitimes' report also claims that the iPhone 5 will have a smaller-than-4-inch screen, a dual core A5 SoC - identical to the one used in the iPad 2, an eight-megapixel camera, full HD recording and an "ultra thin industrial design).

The iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S are likely to launch over the next few weeks, and whether Steve Jobs, who has now been replaced by Tim Cook as CEO, will be the one launching them remains to be seen.