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Apple loses iPhone 5 prototype in a bar

An Apple employee appears to have lost a prototype iPhone 5 after a drinking session in a tequila bar.

The iPhone was lost in San Francisco in late July, causing Apple to fly into a panic in an attempt to recover the device.

Last time this happened the phone ended up being bought by a Gizmodo journalist leading to all sorts of legal shenanigans, including a ludicrous police raid on the hack's home during which the tooled-up plod made off with various items of computer kit as well as the iPhone 4 prototype.

According to Cnet which broke this latest tale of woe - or indeed incompetence - the phone was left in a bar a tequila-themed watering hole named Cava 22. The device may then have been flogged on Craigslist for $200, but no-one except maybe the buyer seems to have noticed.

Apple has not commented on tha matter but a source told Cnet that the outfit called the poilce, weeping down the line about the loss of a 'priceless' gadget.

The Mac-maker traced the phone to an address San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighbourhood, which was visited and searched by Apple investigators who came away empty handed. The strooptroopers even waved money under the nose of the man at the address, "no questions asked," according to Cnet's account of the matter.

But it appears the phone remains out there somewhere.

Bar owner Jose Valle told CNET he hadn't been contacted by police or Apple but he does remember receiving multiple phone calls from a bloke who'd lost an iPhone.