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Chinese Environmental Group Claims Apple Suppliers Among Those Polluting the Environment

iPhone maker Apple has contacted a Chinese environmental group which has voiced complaints against the company for dealing with Chinese suppliers that allegedly pollute the environment.

According to Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), in a report released on Wednesday, several Apple suppliers are involved in discharging pollutants which could pose a threat to the population in the region.

In response to the accusations, Apple released a statement claiming the company was “focused on constantly improving” its suppliers. However, Apple also expressed doubts regarding the list of suppliers supposedly engaging in irresponsibly environmental practices released by IPE.

“Several suppliers are not in our supply chain," stated an email from Apple to the IPE, as reported by PC World.

"We would be interested in hearing more specifics on what you have discovered about these suppliers," it added.

The email also asked the group if it would meet with company representatives to discuss the specifics of these accusations.

Meanwhile, Meiko Electronics, Unimicron, and Kaedar Electronics, some of the suppliers named in the IPE report have yet to comment on these allegations.