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Dell confirms Honeycomb upgrade for the Streak 7

Dell's Streak 7 tablet-cum-smartphone is due to get an upgrade to Android 3.2 'Honeycomb,' the company has confirmed to thinq_ at its IFA stand.

Erik Day, Dell's director of marketing for the EMEA small business channel, took some time out of his busy pre-opening preparations at IFA to walk us through the company's stand, and gave us access to several Streak 7 tablets running the new build of Honeycomb.

The tablets - designed as a more tablet-like upgrade to the original Streak, replacing the five-inch display with a more sensible seven-inch - were responsive, and integrated a pretty vanilla Honeycomb install with Dell's Stage software excellently.

Honeycomb, for those unaware, is Google's tablet-centric build of Android. It supports all the same software as the 2.x-series - currently known as Gingerbread pending the launch of Ice-cream Sandwich - but adds an interface better suited to the large-format displays of tablets and some clever 3D trickery using the Renderscript language.

It's a key feature to demand of an Android tablet these days, but Dell's previous product line has been lacking in Honeycomb goodness - until now.

Sadly, Day was unable to indicate when the software would be released for public download, leaving Streak 7 owners eager to get some Honeycomb goodness in the dark as to when it might happen.