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Facebook Launching Music Service Claims Site

Social networking giant Facebook is preparing to launch a music streaming service on its platform, new reports have claimed.

According to a report on Mashable, the company will be partnering with MOG, Spotify and Rdio to launch the music streaming service, which will be unveiled at the F8 Facebook developers conference on September 22.

The service, which will allow users to stream music from within, will not involve Facebook hosting or streaming any media content, two people familiar with the matter told Mashable. The company will rely on its partners to host and stream the content through Facebook.

The company plans to treat music services similar to its applications and music content, with content providers using Facebook only as a delivery platform.

Meanwhile, Facebook and its alleged partners denied any knowledge of the project. “There’s nothing new to announce. Many of the most popular music services around the world are integrated with Facebook and we’re constantly talking to our partners about ways to improve these integrations.” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Earlier, rumours about Netflix partnering with Facebook to allow users to stream movies from the platform had also surfaced. However, this news seems to be more concrete as evidence of the music streaming service has been discovered in code of Facebook’s video chat service.