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Google Revamps Blogger for Better Blogging

Google has dished out its blogging platform Blogger with fresh new looks and added functionalities.

The company said in a blog post that it had rewritten the blog editing and management, making it easier to use and enhancing its performance.

Google said that the entire platform had undergone a radical redesign based on the suggestions it received from Blogger’s users. Users were also asked to try out the new interface and changes were made based on their feedback.

Blogger now comes with a streamlined user interface which allows users to create and edit posts irrespective of where they are on Blogger, from the top of the screen. Google has also revamped the post editor to allow users to easily draft and preview their work.

Google has added a new ‘Overview’ section on the dashboard which will allow users to get critical information like recent traffic data, comment activity and follower counts. The section also contains several helpful links, a feed for Blogger updates and links to other similar blogs so that users could get inspired.

“Starting today, we’ll gradually let all bloggers choose to turn on the new UI, so your Blogger experience won’t be updated until you enable it. Over the next few days, keep an eye out for a pop-up announcement on your dashboard with instructions on how to get started,” Google said.