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Google to Revisit the "GDrive"?

New reports indicate Google’s yet-to-be-confirmed intentions to launch its own cloud storage offering, “G Drive."

Even though these reports have not been confirmed, the idea of the search giant coming up with its answer to iPhone maker Apple’s iCloud platform, has already created a lot of hype in the ever-expanding cloud computing industry.

As far back as 2006, reports had surfaced about Google testing a new project code-named “Platypus”- an online storage service. Platypus was eventually disclosed to the media following an accidental leak.

Rumor has it that Google was on the verge of launching the service, but then backed away at the last moment fearing that it would be out-dated soon.

It is important to note that cloud computing technology was still in its infancy, and if Google had launched the service, the company would have been way ahead of its time.

However, if reports of the G-Drive, which are entirely based on the discovery of the URL: “” in the Chromium Code Reviews issue list are indeed true, it took the company some 5 years and a lot of thinking to finally step into the cloud-storage market.