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Google Voice Comes To Honeycomb Tablets, Unofficially Though

A recent update for Google’s Voice app for Android smartphones makes it compatible with Android Honeycomb based tablet devices.

The search engine giant is yet to officially announce a tablet version of the highly popular Google Voice app but the guys over at Android Police claim that the updated Google Voice smartphone app works perfectly on Honeycomb tablets.

Google hasn’t spoken on this official yet and hence it is not listed as being compatible with tablet devices. Users wanting to use the app on their Honeycomb tablets without waiting for Google can do so by manually installing the app on their devices.

This can be done by extracting the APK file for the Google Voice app from a smartphone using a file manager tool and copy pasting it on the tablet devices. Users would then need to install the app onto their tablet devices.

It seems that the app has been optimised for Honeycomb, as the settings menu which was previously available in the navbar has now moved to the top right hand corner as shown in the image below. [Image courtesy]

As the app is not listed as being tablet compatible, it is not clear what bugs users might face while using it on the tablet. But for some, the app is working just fine.

Google Voice on Honeycomb

Google Voice on Honeycomb