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Hewlitt-Packard Releases Limited Edition 12c Financial Calculator

Hewlett Packard has released a limited edition version of the 12c Financial Calculator to mark the device’s 30th anniversary.

The calculator has a landscape design and smooth keyboard that make it easy to type some of the most complex calculations. The calculator computes with more accuracy than is required by federal standards.

Replaceable batteries available for the device ensure continual run-time. The device is designed to be very durable and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

The 12c calculator features Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) technology which allows users to carry out complex calculations like loan payments and interest rates, time value of money, standard deviation, percent, cash flows and bonds.

"1981 was a historic year with the launch of the space shuttle Columbia, popularisation of the personal computer and the release of a calculator so iconic that 30 years later we're selling the same model," said Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer, Personal Systems Group, HP.

"It's too bad we can't calculate how many deals were decided, trades transacted and loans granted with the assistance of the 12c," he added.