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iTunes Match Streaming Not Available on Apple's iOS Beta 7

Even though the iPhone community had big hopes about the company’s forthcoming fifth generation iPhone (and all iOS 5 devices) natively supporting music streaming via iTunes Match, Apple has spoilt all that enthusiasm with its latest iOS update.

There will be no music streaming via iTunes Match in the iOS 5 beta 7, which has been confirmed after the updates were dispatched last night. This is disapppointing to those wanted to this capability.

Instead, the company is going to make the tracks available via the iCloud platform, which can be downloaded from there and saved in the iOS device.

“It’s clear that Apple is still tweaking iTunes Match, meaning that the company could re-enable the streaming feature we’ve already seen. However, considering Apple hasn’t announced iTunes Match streaming, this is probably unlikely,” notes (opens in new tab) Joe White of AppAdvice.

The iTunes Match service was first unveiled by then-CEO of the company Steve Jobs back in June at the World Wide Developers Conference. The previous version of the iOS update, the iOS 5 beta 6 ,was built with native iTunes Match support so users could stream music to their iOS device directly.