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James Gosling ‘Father of Java’ Leaves Google for Robotics Startup

James Gosling, who is known as the ‘Father of Java’, has left Google to join a Sunnyvale based robotics start-up.

Gosling had first joined Google back in March but his role at the search engine giant remains largely unknown. Before this, he had worked in Sun Microsystems for 25 years, developing the programming language Java. He left Sun a few months after it was acquired by Oracle.

The developer has now moved to Liquid Robotics, a four year old start-up which provides robots for ocean research. Gosling will be joining the company as its chief software architect and lead software development for the robotics company.

Liquid Robotics develops the unmanned ocean vehicle Wave Glider, which uses the ocean’s wave energy to propel itself endlessly without the need of fuel or human intervention. The robot is primarily used for collecting ocean data.

"Liquid Robotics tackles a rocket science problem that does good for the world and is incurably cool," said James Gosling.

"We'll be able to get a wide variety of detailed data more cheaply and pervasively than any other way. It involves a large data problem and a large-scale control problem, both of which are fascinating to me and have been passions of mine for years,” he added. More can be read about his move in his own words through the blog here.