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Judge Orders Paul Ceglia to Allow Facebook to Review Personal Email During Trial

Paul Ceglia, the man who claims to own half of Facebook, has suffered another set-back in his lawsuit against the social networking giant.

Ceglia claims that he and Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg entered into a contract in 2003. This means he owns a massive chunk of the company, which is valued at more than $80 billion.

Facebook has repeatedly called Ceglia a fraud. Now, the judge presiding over the case has ordered Ceglia to give Facebook access to his emails dating back to 2003.

Ceglia’s lawyer has asked the court to delay the order as it is an invasion of his client's privacy.

“In today's world, people commonly discuss their most private and important matters by email," Jeffrey Lake, Ceglia’s lawyer wrote in his appeal to deny email access.

"As such, allowing defendants' experts to search though and read all of Ceglia's emails since 2003 undoubtedly will give them a view of matters far outside the scope of this litigation and far inside Ceglia's private life, a view to which no one is entitled and that is protected from government prying by the most sacred components of the Constitution," he continued.