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A few crucial servers at were attacked by hackers, the company recently wrote on its website. is the most important distribution facility for a wide range of Linux-based software, as well as for the Linux kernel itself. According to updates that appeared in the news section of the site, the intrusion was first discovered by site administrators on August 28.

Site administrators started noticing suspicious server activity as early as mid-August. However, the intrusion was confirmed only after they carried out a restart and introduced a kernel update.

Investigations into the breach have determined that the attacker penetrated the site using a compromised user account. It is likely that the perpetrator(s) then exploited the security loops to upgrade the privilege of the compromised account to root level.

Jon Corbet, a prominent kernel developer, reassured all concerned, “ may seem like the place where kernel development is done, but it's not; it's really just a distribution point. So when we say that we know the kernel source has not been compromised on, we really know it," as reported by Ostatic.