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Microsoft Accused of Tracking Windows Phone 7 Users Without Consent

Software giant Microsoft is being sued for tracking Windows Phone 7 users even after they opt out of location tracking.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a Seattle federal court, claims Microsoft designed the camera feature on the Windows Phone 7 to transmit user location information to Microsoft even after users choose to opt out.

Microsoft, along with other tech giants like Google and Apple, have in the past, been accused of collecting user location data. The companies claim they use the data only to provide better mapping and navigation services.

“To provide these rich experiences, Microsoft collects limited information necessary to determine the approximate location of a device. Collection is always with the express consent of the user and the goal of our collection is never to track where a specific device has been or is going,” Microsoft had said in a letter to the US government.

The legal complaint, which was filed by Rebecca Cousineau, alleges that Microsoft’s claim in a letter to the US government was false.

The lawsuit claims Windows Phone 7 software used on devices like the HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 tracked users’ location when they opened the camera.