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Samsung Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer in US According to comScore

Korean electronics giant Samsung is one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers in the United States, comScore data reveals.

According to the data, there are 234 million mobile phone users in the United States that rely on both smartphones and non-smartphone devices, as of June 2011.

Samsung led the pack with a 25.3 percent market share, followed by LG with 21.3 percent, Motorola with 14.5 percent and then Apple with 8.9 percent. The phone maker is exactly one percent ahead of BlackBerry maker Research in Motion.

The data also showed a rise in the number of smartphones, with 35 percent of US mobile phone users now owning a smartphone device.

Google’s Android operating system leads the smartphone market with a 41.8 percent share, up by 5.4 percent from the previous quarter. Apple’s iOS on the other hand, increased its market share by 1 percent to end the quarter with 27 percent in June.

Research in Motion ended the quarter in June with a 21.7 percent share down by 4 percent while Microsoft had a market share of 5.7 percent. Nokia’s Symbian floats at the bottom of the list with a 1.9 percent market share.