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Samsung Presents Windows 7-based iPad 2 Rival

Samsung has been extremely active at IFA and launched a new tablet which runs on Windows 7, is Wacom-enabled and features a dual core processor (you can check the hands-on here).

The tablet, called the Series 7 Slate, comes with a 11.6-inch capacitive touchscreen with a 1366x768 pixel resolution, Windows 7 Home Premium and surprise, surprise, a dual core i5-2467M processor rather than an Intel Atom.

There's also 4GB RAM, either a 64GB or 128GB SSD, instant power on and fast boot times with a six hours battery life likely to be the norm.

There's a full size USB port, a SIM slot (embedded 3G modem), a microHDMI and a stylus pen, not unlike the one that accompanies the Samsung Note, a three megapixel rear camera and a two megapixel model in the front.

The device hasn't been officially launched in the UK but will be available at $1099 for the base system and $1349 for the version that includes 128GB, a docking station and a keyboard.

The Series 7 slate is 13mm thick and weighs around 900g which is way higher than the rest of the competition (it does have a bigger screen and a much higher resolution though).

Whether it will be able to rival the iPad 2 remains to be seen but given that Windows 8 will launch on tablets next year, we wouldn't bet against that.