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Sony CEO Howard Stringer Speaks Out about the PlayStation Network Cyber Attack at IFA

Sony CEO Howard Stringer has informed that its PlayStation Network, which had come under massive cyber attacks earlier this summer, has fully recovered.

Speaking during a press conference at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Stringer said that the platform was back on track.

The PSN platform survived a massive cyber attack which resulted in the stealing of the informational details of millions of customers. The company faced severe criticism from customers and regulators following the attack and shut down the service to make amends and improve its security.

“I'm pleased to tell you that the PSN is more secure and better than ever. We are aggressively expanding its content. We have more than 3 million new customers since the network came back online, and sales are exceeding what we had before the cyber attacks,” said Stringer.

“This year, we at Sony have been flooded, we've been flattened, we've been hacked, we've been stinged. But the summer of our discontent is behind us,” he continued.

He also announced Sony’s plans to tightly integrated its products and services to form a new eco-system, the Sony Entertainment Network, which unifies music, video and PSN services under one roof.