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Twitter to Extend Business Marketing Capabilities

Micro blogging platform Twitter is planning to take its advertising model a step further by allowing businesses to send ads to users that do not normally follow them.

Many businesses use Twitter to communicate to announce new products and services. Users elect to get ‘Promoted Tweets’ or ads from these companies on a voluntary basis.

Now, according (opens in new tab) to All Things Digital, the company is launching a new method of online advertising that allows companies to display ads for users who don’t normally follow them - users will not have the ability opt out.

Businesses and marketers will now be able to send ads to users they deem ‘similar’ to the ones already following them on Twitter. Twitter is expected to roll out the new advertisement method sometime in September.

“We’re always talking to marketers about ways they can get more value out of Twitter. While we have nothing to share about the way that the business might develop this fall, I can say the last month of testing for Promoted Tweets in the timeline has gone extremely well,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement. Whether users will appreciate this new form of advertising in the long run remains to be seen