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UK's Ofcom Allows for the Use of White Space Devices

UK telecom regulator Ofcom has finally given permission for Internet providers to move ahead with the proposal to utilise unused TV spectrum for delivering broadband services to rural areas within the country.

The technology searches for white space, or unused spectrum in the frequency bands reserved for TV broadcasts, and exploits them to receive and transmit wireless broadband signals.

These signals are capable of covering large distances and can penetrate obstacles including walls easily. Hence, white space is seen as a suitable technology for a wide array of consumer applications including rural broadband and Wi Fi with approximately twice the range of the technology available today.

"The solution we have devised creates the opportunity to maximise the efficient use of spectrum and opens the door to the development of a new and exciting range of consumer and business applications," said Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards, as reported by Computer Weekly.

Ofcom made it known that it will take every necessary step to ensure that the new technology does not interfere with the licensed spectrum currently used for television broadcasts.