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US Automaker Ford Introduces New Automobile Technology At IFA

US automaker Ford is planning to release its in-car Sync system in the UK next year, the company announced at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin.

Sync, which is based on Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive system, is set to debut in the UK in 2012 with the new Ford Focus.

The in-car system allow users to link their smartphones with the car using Bluetooth to allow users to control and configure key car functions, access satellite navigation tools and find services based on their location.

Sync also includes a feature called 'Emergency Assistance,' which is activated when the car’s air bags have been deployed. The feature can locate the driver’s location using GPS data and make a voice call to local emergency services.

The company also plans to introduce a new system called 'MyKey' to the UK. 'MyKey,' already launched the US with great success, allows parents to set speed limits on the car and even set conditions so that kids take precautionary measures while driving.

For example, the car’s stereo will be disabled if the driver does not wear a seat belt. 'MyKey' will be launched in Europe, including the UK, next year with the new Ford Fiesta.