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WikiLeaks, The Guardian Row Heats Up

Arch enemy of many world governments and known for its ‘whistleblowing’ skills, WikiLeaks revealed on Thursday that hundreds of thousands of unfiltered secret US diplomatic cables are now floating around the Web - thanks to a security breach fuelled by the UK daily the Guardian.

The website which periodically releases classified and crucial cables sent by US diplomatic channels from various countries, thrashed the Guardian for releasing the password that can lead virtually anyone to the raw files maintained by the site.

“Guardian investigations editor, David Leigh, recklessly, and without gaining our approval, knowingly disclosed the decryption passwords in a book published by the Guardian,” WikiLeaks said in a Twitter post, according to this IOL report.

The UK daily however, denied all the charges brought upon it, saying that the information revealed by the book in question are “meaningless” and WikiLeaks did not raise any objections when it was first released.

“It's nonsense to suggest the Guardian's WikiLeaks book has compromised security in any way,” the newspaper said. If anyone at WikiLeaks had thought this compromised security, they have had seven months to remove the files,” it hit back.